Work with Me

612 Software Foundry

As founder and owner of 612 Software Foundry, I help entrepreneurs make their product ideas a reality — from starting with an idea and seeing the big picture, to aligning the technical strategy with the business strategy and positioning it for growth.

This ranges from building prototypes and MVPs to test your idea, scaling the next iteration of your MVP to handle more users and data, helping you build a roadmap for the future of your product, and more.

Independent Coaching & Consulting

As you may have already gathered, I’m very passionate about community and equity-building. Much of my work over the last decade has been about helping to make space for more women in tech and entrepreneurship. Often, this work is emotionally draining, impacting my ability to take on sustainable work and to be most effective for my clients. Because of this, I hope you’ll understand that I do not offer unpaid services. Not even the “pick your brain over coffee” kind.

I do occasionally offer a short, time-boxed coaching or consulting session with those who are looking to effect change within their company or community, advocating for and building a better culture, or as they kick off their new tech career or business venture.