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Sending Email with Netlify Functions

Functions, lambdas, serverless. Maybe you've heard of these. Maybe you haven't. These words are being used to describe a different way of connecting your frontend code to backend functionality. Without having to run a full-blown backend app server. Or even manage infrastructure. We're empowering front-end developers to be able to accomplish backend tasks like sending an email or making a call to another third-party API by creating and deploying serverless functions.

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Building A Playground with Nuxt and Markdown

I've been playing around with Nuxt lately for prototyping ideas for myself and for clients. I've really liked having the ability to bootstrap an app from the command line with a handful of really useful base tools. Nuxt has some goodies I can take advantage of. For this project, I wanted a basic markdown blog experience with Vue and Nuxt so that I can have a playground for both.

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