Five podcasts I'm listening to

Five podcasts I'm listening to

Over the last year, my commute has gone from a seven-minute walk across downtown Minneapolis to a 30-60 minute drive from a suburb into downtown to a now 17 second stroll from my bed to my home office. Thanks, COVID.

Now that I only have a 17-second commute and have lost my podcast listening time, I've taken this time to reevaluate the podcasts I listen to, pared them down a bit, and shifted away from the dumpster fire that is 2020 news.

Here's what I'm listening to right now, but probably not during my 17-second commute and instead during my multiple walks each day or on the drive to get coffee (to escape the house).

DEV News

🎙Hosted by: Saron Yitbarek, Josh Puetz, and Vaidehi Joshi

A new podcast from DEV, by and for developers, that shares tech news from around the world from a diverse group of guests.

DEV Discuss

🎙Hosted by: Ben Halpern and Jess Lee

Also produced by DEV and on their second season, this podcast is also worth a listen. This podcast discusses burning topics impacting the daily lives of developers.

Community Pulse

🎙Hosted by: Jason Hand, Mary Thengvall, PJ Hagerty, and Sarah-Jane Morris

Geared toward developer relations and community professionals, this podcast interviews experts about building, managing, and leading technical communities.

The Women in Tech Show

🎙Hosted by: Edaena Salinas

The headline says it all: "A podcast about what we work on, not what it feels like to be a woman in tech."

Disrupting the Cloud

🎙Hosted by: LaBrina Loving and Gwyneth Pena

This is a podcast about how the cloud engineering space can become more diverse and inclusive. As a community builder, this is something that is always on my mind.

✨ Bonus! Why Won't You Date Me?

🎙Hosted by: Nicole Byer

This is a non-tech podcast, and not always safe for work (but who's going to work in an office these days anyway?!). Nicole Byer is hilarious and questions her perpetual singleness during the podcast while interviewing comedians, friends, or ex-flings. The podcast addresses race, allyship, white privilege, dating in quarantine, and more.

🎧 What are you listening to?

I'd love to listen to and share more tech-focused podcasts featuring underrepresented folks. Drop the links in the comments!

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