Building a More Inclusive #MNTech

Building a More Inclusive #MNTech

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As a person underrepresented in tech and entrepreneurship, it can be hard to find your community and support system. Here are the meetup groups, conferences, and communities for those who are underrepresented to find support, support others, to learn from, and to share your experiences.

If you are looking to be more involved with these communities or hire from these communities, consider attending them (as per their own community guidelines), sponsoring them, learning from them, building relationships with them, and celebrating those who are underrepresented in tech and entrepreneurship in Minnesota. Many of these are volunteer-run organizations and require support from the greater #MNTech community in order to serve their own community.

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Events, Conferences, Meetups, & Other Shindigs


Co-working Spaces & Incubator Programs

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