What I'm Reading This Week

I hate newsletters. But every once in a blue moon I find a goodie. This week, I’ve got two!


Girls’ Night In (GNI)

Sent Friday mornings, this is a newsletter with latest trends in self-care for women, recognizing that “staying in” for a night, even a Friday night, is acceptable, necessary, and totes ok!

As a person who’s work-life overlaps A LOT, self-care is important to staying sane for me. And as much as I like bubble baths and a regular gel mani or a happy hour with friends to de-stress, GNI makes it ok to stay in and not succumb to the pressure of FOMO.

Also. Astrology.

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What the Elle

Seriously, What the Elle? Ellevest is a new-ish women-founded investing company for women. Their algorithms are tailored to women, based on our salary and lifespan. Did you know women earn less than men (duh), more women are caregivers (duh), and we live longer than men? Triple whammy. The best part about Ellevest and What the Elle is that I’m learning a ton about money and how it affects women.

They also just snagged $33M in funding last month, so they must have touched a nerve.

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