2015 Will Be a Selfish Year

2015 will be a selfish year. My time and focus will be invested on me. On improving myself. I want to become a better person physically and mentally. I want to let go of my fears and learn to Love Myself. -- Unknown
- 2015 Will Be a Selfish Year
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Why I Backed Away from GitHub Pages

Precisely one year ago today, I migrated from WordPress to GitHub Pages. Or at least I wrote a blog post about it one year ago today. And now... I've migrated to Ghost. Let's try this again. I left WordPress for various reasons, but in the end it was hosted on a shared server and was constantly being impacted by outages. I had been convinced by other people in my Twitter network that GitHub Pages was the greatest thing since sliced
- Why I Backed Away from GitHub Pages
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Reflecting on 2014

About that time again... the first day of the year where I reflect on the previous year and attempt to set some goals or resolutions for the upcoming year. I definitely have some thoughts about 2015 and mostly want to be mindful, simplify areas of my life, and get out of my comfort zone. Everything from drinking more water to writing more regularly. But enough about 2015... What happened in 2014? How did I get to here? I asked myself
- Reflecting on 2014
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